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Plastic surgery to be considered successful, all procedures should look natural. Everyone is different that is why results should always be proportioned to each individual’s body shape and silhouette. All beauty enhancement procedure, surgical or nonsurgical, is a major life decision so satisfying results should be achieved.

Plastic Surgery Sydney promises all that and more.

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What is plastic surgery?

Plastic Surgery is a surgical specialty that deals with repair or enhancement of a body part that has been damaged, deformed, or exposed to trauma to restore its normal function or return to its normal, if not improved, appearance.

Plastic surgery may either be cosmetic surgery (aesthetic purpose) or reconstructive surgery (Restorative purpose). Plastic Surgery Sydney offers both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Contact our Sydney clinic to know more.

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Cosmetic or Reconstructive?

Plastic surgery may be divided into two types, cosmetic or reconstructive. Cosmetic surgery focuses on improving the appearance of a certain body part, whether it is damaged or is functioning well and just needs to improve its look. Since its focus is for aesthetic improvement, this type of surgery is usually elective. Reconstructive surgery, on the other hand, deals with restoring the normal function of a body part that has been damaged either by congenital effects or after an accident or disease.

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What body parts can be enhanced?

As years of modern technology improves almost all aspects of our lives, science included, almost all parts of the body may be subjected to plastic surgery. In Plastic Surgery Sydney, here are the top body parts that are given attention with regard to plastic surgery:

Face: Forehead, eyelid, ears, nose, lip, chin
Extremities: Arms, legs, thighs
Trunk: Chest, abdomen, Breasts

About Us

Now that almost anything can be improved, beauty enhancements should not be taken lightly anymore. Choosing the best Sydney plastic surgeon is the key to achieve your most sought-after look the safest and most comfortable way possible. We, at Plastic Surgery Sydney, are here to offer you beauty enhancements that surely address your deepest, darkest insecurities and allow you to flaunt every inch of your body without guilt or hesitation.

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plastic surgery cost sydney

Is Plastic Surgery Expensive?

Cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery is also a type of surgery, and a lot of factors would definitely affect the cost of any surgical procedure that would be done. In Plastic Surgery Sydney, the cost includes consultation fees, hospital fees, anesthesia, Plastic Surgery Sydney surgeon’s and anesthetist’s fees, post-operative care, and other fees that may be applicable. But don’t worry! Plastic Surgery Sydney has payment schemes and package options that are offered, so you can comfortably discuss all your financial concerns with your Plastic Surgery Sydney plastic surgeon as well. It is ideal that the cost of any plastic surgery procedure should always be part of the decision-making process and should be greatly considered before proceeding with your surgery. Contact Plastic Surgery Sydney right now for more details.

Additional Facts on Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgeon Requirements

Knowing your Plastic Surgery Sydney plastic surgeon’s credentials and titles are very important because you depend on him/her with your life through any surgical procedure that you would like to undergo. Plastic surgeons should have undergone numerous and rigorous training in order to become experts in the field.

In Australia, a reputable plastic surgeon should go through training under The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS), specializing in plastic/reconstructive surgery. He/She should pass the RACS exams and complete the required surgical training time in order to attain the title Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons with specialized training in Plastic Surgery (FRACS (Plast)). Other titles that may be given to a plastic surgeon in Australia through their training and associations include but are not limited to:

– ASPS: Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons; also American Society of Plastic Surgeons

– ASAPS: Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons; also American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

– FRCS Plast – Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in England with specialized training in Plastic Surgery

Rest assured that Plastic Surgery Sydney will provide you with our list of specialist plastic surgeons when you contact our Sydney clinic.

Possible Risks and Complications
Like most surgical procedures, risks and complications are almost always present. In Plastic Surgery Sydney, all possible risks and complications during and after the surgery should be thoroughly discussed with the Plastic Surgery Sydney surgeon before deciding to push through with the procedure.

in Plastic Surgery Sydney, we have listed down risks and untoward complications Sydney patients should consider and be educated about even before pushing through with any procedure. These include but are not limited to:

– Bleeding

– Infection

– Pain

– Damage to Surrounding Tissues

– Scarring

– Anaesthesia Complications

– Dissatisfaction with results

Common Types of Cosmetic Surgery
Some of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed and available at Plastic Surgery Sydney today include the following:

– Face:  Eyelid surgery, ear flap surgery, nose lift, lip surgery, chin surgery

– Extremities: Liposuction of arms, legs, and/or thighs

– Trunk: Abdominoplasty, Breast augmentation or reduction, mastopexy

Contact our Sydney clinic to know more details about each plastic surgery procedure.

Common Types of Reconstructive Surgery
Some of the most common Reconstructive surgeries performed and also available at Plastic Surgery Sydney today include the following:

-Skin grafting for patients with burns, open fractures, or cancer.

-Breast reconstruction

-Cleft lip/palate repair

-Craniofacial reconstruction

To know more about these plastic surgery procedures and if this would fit your needs, contact Plastic Surgery Sydney and book an appointment today.

Preparation for Plastic Surgery Procedures
  1. Major discussion regarding patient’s problem, medical history, surgical procedure options, and the nature of the chosen procedure should be done by our Plastic Surgery Sydney surgeon and clinic personnel.
  2. Diagnostic and laboratory tests should be performed and reported to the Plastic Surgery Sydney plastic surgeon so that the overall health of the patient will be established before any surgical procedure is to be performed.
  3. Risks and complications that may possibly arise during or after a procedure should be discussed well and weighed.
  4. Photographs of the body part to be enhanced and/or reconstructed will be obtained for comparison after the plastic surgery.
  5. Pre-surgery reminders, lifestyle changes, and medications will be given by the Plastic Surgery Sydney surgeon.

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