Are you satisfied with how your face looks? Do you think there is still something you want to change, but you just can’t point it out? When you consulted your plastic surgeon, did he recommend chin plastic surgery? What is that procedure and isn’t it part of the traditional facelift? Let us tackle all these and more.


Chin plastic surgery: What is this procedure and what does it do?

Mentoplasty, the technical term for chin plastic surgery, can be an elaborate or straightforward surgical procedure that reshapes the chin. Mentoplasty or genioplasty can either reduce the shape or enhance the profile of your chin to accentuate your face. This single procedure offers incredible aesthetic results not only for your chin but to your facial profile as a whole.


Chin plastic surgery: How is it performed?

There are two ways to improve the appearance of your chin – your surgeon can use implants to increase the size of your chin, or he can access the bone that shapes your chin and reduce parts of it to form a more subtle chin profile.


To enhance the size of your chin, your surgeon uses silicone implants that resemble the softness and firmness of your chin and give it a more emphasised projection. A small incision may be made on an inconspicuous crease under the chin or inside the mouth where the inside of your lower lip and your gums meet. Any of these incisions can expose the place where your implant needs to be inserted.

To reshape your chin, your surgeon performs a more complicated procedure of removing small parts of the jawbone so that the edges that make your chin jut or protrude can be lessened. There is also a more intricate procedure that realigns the whole jaw and repositions parts of the facial bones as well, and it is called orthognathic surgery. These two surgical procedures promise a reshaped chin that is proportioned and complementary to your overall facial profile.


Chin plastic surgery: How much would it cost?

Because you can reshape your chi in different ways, the cost of Mentoplasty also varies. For chin implants, expect that the price tag would range from $7000 to $9000. Genioplasty or chin reduction can set you back about $3500 to $7000. Sometimes, your surgeon may combine any of these procedures with rhinoplasty to better improve your facial profile, and the computation for that cost may depend on your surgeon’s fee and other factors including the anaesthesia, hospital fee, and your follow-up consultations.

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