With the modern advancements in plastic surgery, different procedures and treatments begin to sprout and become available on the market to improve a person’s look. Nowadays, you can enhance the appearance and function of any part of the body. There is even a procedure offered to enhance your whole body. Here, let us look at one of the plastic surgery procedures many women are intrigued about, the vagina plastic surgery. Let us find out what are the different types and benefits of this procedure for women’s reproductive organ.


Vagina plastic surgery: Why have it?


Cosmetic surgeries have become the go-to solutions to enhance or restore a person’s body part’s appearance and function. With vaginal plastic surgery, different procedures cater to ‘vaginal rejuvenation,’ usually needed after childbirth or because of aging. These techniques enhance the sensitivity or look of a woman’s privates so that she feels better about herself and her sexuality.



Vagina plastic surgery: Types of vaginal rejuvenation procedures


Here are some of the popularly-used vaginal cosmetic surgeries available for women all over the world.



Technically termed as posterior colporrhaphy, vaginoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that tightens the vaginal walls and muscles. This procedure is essential for women who, after childbirth, developed laxity in the muscular part of the vagina, making it hard for them to enjoy sexual intercourse. The procedure is performed through local anaesthesia (some women request for general anaesthesia). Excess skin from the back part of the vagina is removed. Using sutures, your plastic surgeon tightens a certain amount of muscles to restore your vaginal wall’s appearance and function.


Please note that the term vaginoplasty is also the word used for two other procedures – the creation of a vagina on female newborns who have incompletely formed reproductive organs, and the creation of a vagina in transgender men. The former is used as reconstructive plastic surgery, and the latter is solely for cosmetic purposes only.



This vaginal cosmetic surgery deals with the labia minora, or the inner lips of your privates that can sometimes become loose after childbirth or aging. The abnormal elongation of these structures causes some to have pain during intercourse or is just unsightly for other women (and men) to look at. Labiaplasty is the surgical procedure performed under local anaesthesia (or general anaesthesia) to reduce or trim some of the tissues off.


Clitoral hood reduction

The clitoris is believed to have an essential part in a woman’s orgasm. Having excess skin that covers the clitoris lessens the sensation a woman is supposed to feel during sexual intercourse. This vagina plastic surgery procedure removes this excess skin and exposes the clitoris more to heighten a woman’s sensation during sex. This procedure may be performed together with labiaplasty.


Labia majoraplasty

The labia majora is the part that forms as the outer lips of the vagina. This hairy part of the vagina sometimes have excess skin that causes irritation during activities like cycling, and may sometimes just look unappealing. Surgical techniques to remove excess tissues of the labia majora are performed using local anaesthesia (some prefer sedation or general anaesthesia).



The mons pubis is the visible mound of skin on the upper part of the vulvovaginal region where hair develops. Some women developed excess bulging on this part, so monsplasty is the cosmetic procedure they use to reduce their mons pubis’s size. Your plastic surgeon may perform this vagina plastic surgery type using liposuction alone or in addition to the removal of some skin in cases of major bulging.



These cosmetic vaginal plastic surgery procedures do not have a sufficient number of studies that would ensure its effectivity in improving a woman’s reproductive function. These surgical procedures are used more for aesthetic purposes. Discuss your concerns with your trusted plastic surgeon so you can be professionally guided if these procedures are suitable for your needs.

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